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True Brit knits is a collective of (British, ahem) knitwear designers. We've all worked (and continue to do so) 'in industry' as the saying goes, and now we're using this new-fangled internets thingy to bypass shops, bulk manufacturing and the tyranny of delivery dates to, we hope, inspire hand knitters around the world. (We've not given up the shops, manufacturing etc., we're just seeking a bit of light relief!)

Our patterns come as downloadable pdfs, some will be entirely new, some will have been published previously in The Knitter magazine. Some will be free, some won't. All of them will be organised so that you don't have to print out pages of pictures and inspiration burbling if you don't want to, you can just print the essentials.

You can read about the patterns, general design inspiration and other vaguely interesting things we think the world needs to know on the TBk blog.

You can read about us individually in our profiles, and you can see our designs here.

You can get in touch with us here.